Model SVDA/3V25        12kW (4kW/phase)

Model SVDA/3V50        24kW (8kW/phase)                              



·         Total reliability

·         Each SSR mounted on separate heatsink                                         

·         Control signal required 24vac variable cycle pulse

(0-10vdc option available)

·         Photo isolation

·         4000 volt isolation

·         SSR’s UL/CSA/CE compliant

·         Zero-voltage switching / Built-in snubber network

·         No moving parts or contacts

·         No arcing contacts / Acoustically quiet

·         Simple field maintenance without removal of controller off site

·         Replacement components off-the-shelf


Heater Circuit Design

Powerpulse Solid State Heater Controllers (SSHC’s) can control 3-phase heater banks up to 24kW.

Heater banks of larger than 24kW require auxiliary stages to be switched with contactors. Additional digital outputs will be required from the temperature control system.






















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